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  • Open 2-day workshop Energy@Work (in Dutch)

    Open 2-day workshop Energy@Work (in Dutch)  -
    key to professional success and personal well-being


    You have trouble keeping up with your day-to-day activities and responsibilities? At times you feel stressed-out and exhausted? You are willing to set priorities, but there are many activities that you find important, interesting and challenging? This workshop will help you discover the activities that really matter to you, the activities that will bring you energy and fulfillment. You will set clear priorities and will create an effective action plan, improving your energy levels and contributing to both you professional success and your personal well-being.


    Target group

    Employees who want to combine professional success with personal well-being



    - Energy@Work™
                - A new work context
                - A new paradigm: beyond time and stress management
    - Energy balance: energizers and energydrainers
    - A first analysis
    - Building on your talents
    - Respecting your values
    - Aligned with you identity
    - Supporting your mission
    - Mental, physical and emotional energy
    - Energy in balance: my energy compass
    - Respecting your bio-rythms
    - Re-charging your batteries
    - My action plan:
                - New habits & rituals


    - 2 day workshop


    Max. 12 particpants



    You will identify energizers and energy drainers, resulting in a personal action plan – habits -  where you will define the right priorities and actions for a more rewarding and balanced professional and personal life.



    1.250€ per particpant (excl. 21% VAT, incl. materials, lunch, ...)


    1.650€ per particpant including 2 individual coaching sessions (excl. 21% VAT, incl. materials, lunch, ...). Coaching sessions are via Skype or other webmeeting tools.



    Dates and locations

    - Workshop in Dutch: 16 & 17 mei in Novotel Centrum in Mechelen
    - Workshop in Dutch: 12 & 13 september in Novotel Centrum in Mechelen



    Registration -> see below


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